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About The Company

Scientific Profile

Chemikalie Pte Ltd is an established distributor for Scientific Instruments and Laboratory consumables in Singapore. Established in 2004, the company started operations distributing equipment and consumables related to the field of Chromatography, a globally accepted and reliable separation technique used in the Scientific and Research sector since the 20th century. Chromatography has been popularised through decades of method developments and publishing of research papers.

With such a vast history, Chemikalie strongly believes that “Chromatography will always has its place in the World of Science” and business will grow in a stable and moderate pace.

Chemikalie distributes a number of renowned consumables brands in Chromatography and can be grouped in the following categories:

Columns for HPLC, GC, SFC, FPLC
Glass Precision Syringes
Waste Management System

      To meet the demands of modern laboratory, Chemikalie also distributes:

      Volumetric Glassware
      Specialty Glassware
      General Laboratory Consumables
      Life Science Consumables
      Microfluidic Components
      General Laboratory Equipments

        Chemikalie currently has an extensive network of customers in the Academic, Government Agencies, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing industries in Singapore and South East Asia.

        Product Development

        Besides being a distributor for scientific consumables and equipment, Chemikalie is also actively attending tradeshows and research institutes, engaging discussions with Scientists and Engineers, understanding their new applications and scientific discoveries.

        Some of these discussions led to signing of Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), participation of a new set up or even designing and fabricating a new prototype. Armed with the ability to grasp scientific, engineering concepts and experience in sales and marketing, Chemikalie will be a best partner be develop and commercializing of new scientific solutions and products.

        Why Choose Chemikalie?

        Human capital has always been a success remedy of Chemikalie and we offered a structured training program and provides empowerment to their employees to create a wonderful customer experience.

        All of our employees are trained to portray a Chemikalie image to all our stake holders:

        1.  Positive Attitude of Vendor/Customer Engagement

        2. Obtaining Market and Customer Feedbacks for continual improvement

        3. Effectively Handling and Managing Customer Complaints and Issues

        4. Developing Long Term and Profitable Vendor/Customer Relationships

        5. Surprising and Delighting Vendor and customer through value creation