Volumetric Glassware

In the category of Volumetric Glassware, Chemikalie distributes products from Equistix, one of the leading supplier for laboratory glassware and consumables. Adhering to the most rigorous international standards, Equistix is well known in the Science and Engineering community for their commitment to produce high quality products.

Equistix Volumetric Glassware are designed and manufactured from high quality Borosilicate 3.3 glass that meets the ASTM specification of E438 Type 1, Class A and are calibrated “to contain (TC)” or “to deliver (TD)” a precise volume at a particular temperature. Choose either Batch certification or USP individual certification for Equistix Volumetric Glassware.
Equistix United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Volumetric Glassware adhered to the standard set by US PHARMACOPEIA and have a tighter tolerance standards compared to ISO standards.

Equistix Volumetric Glassware covers the categories for Beaker, Burette, Erlenmeyer Flask, Measuring Cylinder, Pipette, Reagent Bottles, Volumetric Flask.

  1. Optimum Wall thickness
  2. Resistance to breakage on hot plate stirrer
  3. Special ink used for clear reading and resistant against any chemical attack
  4. Uniform Rim thickness
  5. Smooth touch finish and scratch free