Waste Accessory Kits


VAPLOCK™ Closed Systems for solvent containment minimizes leaks, spills, and vapor escape from solvent waste and supply containers. Use Vaplock™ kits to provide an effective means of sealed solvent delivery, and select from waste containment kits to collect effluents while minimizing harmful solvent exhaust. All Vaplock™ products are designed for ease of use and adaptability, and will conform to a broad range of standard laboratory solvent containers. Waste Accessory Kits include a solvent collection manifold, an organic solvent exhaust filter with breakthrough indicator, and adapters, plugs, and tubing connections required for installation on typical HPLC instruments.

• Minimize exposure to harmful chemical vapors

• Collect solvent waste from multiple effluent streams

• Highly adaptable and conforms to a broad range of containment types


WAK38P-10 | WAK38X-10 | WAK38NP-10 | WAK38NX-10 | WAK38WX-10 | WAK45P-10 | WAK45DP-10 | WAK45DX-10 | WAK50P-10 | WAK50X-10 | WAK51P-10 | WAK51X-10 | WAK53P-10 | WAK53X-10 | WAK60X-10 | WAK61P-10 | WAK61X-10 | WAK63P-10 | WAK63X-10 | WAK70P-10 | WAK70X-10 | WAK70NP-10 | WAK70NX-10 | WAK80P-10 | WAK80X-10 | WAK83P-10 | WAK83X-10 | WAK100P-10 | WAK100X-10 | WAKDMFP-10 | WAKDMFX-10 | WAKDMCP-10 | WAKDMCX-10 | WAKPMP-10 | WAKPMX-10

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WAK38P-10, WAK38X-10, WAK38NP-10, WAK38NX-10, WAK38WX-10, WAK45P-10, WAK45DP-10, WAK45DX-10, WAK50P-10, WAK50X-10, WAK51P-10, WAK51X-10, WAK53P-10, WAK53X-10, WAK60X-10, WAK61P-10, WAK61X-10, WAK63P-10, WAK63X-10, WAK70P-10, WAK70X-10, WAK70NP-10, WAK70NX-10, WAK80P-10, WAK80X-10, WAK83P-10, WAK83X-10, WAK100P-10, WAK100X-10, WAKDMFP-10, WAKDMFX-10, WAKDMCP-10, WAKDMCX-10, WAKPMP-10, WAKPMX-10

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