Vacuum Filtration Unit


Equistix Disposable Vacuum Filtration units are useful when dealing with large volume samples separation and purification for tissue culture media, biological fluids and fixation buffers.
The unit includes membrane filter, graduated funnel of clear polystyrene with polyethylene neck adapter and polystyrene reservoir bottle with a polyethylene cap. Individually packaged and sterilised.

Suitable for the filtration of tissue culture media, biological fluids, fixation buffers
Cell culture media and other aqueous solutions
Sterile filtration of solutions which cannot be auto-claved

Available in 0.22µm and 0.45µm
Membrane diameter of 50mm and 90mm available
Available Volume sizes: 250 ml and 500ml
With Graduation
Hose connector designed to fit multiple hose diameters
Detergent-free, tissue culture compatible, and heat-sealed to the support grid to maximize flow rate, reduce foaming and protein denaturization
Non- pyrogenic


EQ-D02701 | EQ-D02702 | EQ-D02703 | EQ-D02704 | EQ-D02705 | EQ-D02706 | EQ-D02707 | EQ-D02708 | EQ-D02709 | EQ-D02710 | EQ-D02711 | EQ-D02712 | EQ-D02713 | EQ-D02714 | EQ-D02715 | EQ-D02716 | EQ-D02717 | EQ-D02718 | EQ-D02719 | EQ-D02720 | EQ-D02721 | EQ-D02722 | EQ-D02723 | EQ-D02724| EQ-D02725 | EQ-D02726 | EQ-D02727 | EQ-D02728 | EQ-D02729 | EQ-D02730 | EQ-D02731 | EQ-D02732 | EQ-D02733 | EQ-D02734 | EQ-D02735 | EQ-D02736 | EQ-D02737 | EQ-D02738 | EQ-D02739 | EQ-D02740

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EQ-D02701, EQ-D02702, EQ-D02703, EQ-D02704, EQ-D02705, EQ-D02706, EQ-D02707, EQ-D02708, EQ-D02709, EQ-D02710, EQ-D02711, EQ-D02712, EQ-D02713, EQ-D02714, EQ-D02715, EQ-D02716, EQ-D02717, EQ-D02718, EQ-D02719, EQ-D02720, EQ-D02721, EQ-D02722, EQ-D02723, EQ-D02724, EQ-D02725, EQ-D02726, EQ-D02727, EQ-D02728, EQ-D02729, EQ-D02730, EQ-D02731, EQ-D02732, EQ-D02733, EQ-D02734, EQ-D02735, EQ-D02736, EQ-D02737, EQ-D02738, EQ-D02739, EQ-D02740

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