Stirrer Bar, Plain


Similar action to cylindrical but gives more turbulence at low speed.
Smooth round profile, a popular general-purpose stirrer for a wide variety of applications.

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EQ-F03901 | EQ-F03902 | EQ-F03903 | EQ-F03904 | EQ-F03905 | EQ-F03906 | EQ-F03907 | EQ-F03908 | EQ-F03909 | EQ-F03910 | EQ-F03911

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EQ-F03901, EQ-F03902, EQ-F03903, EQ-F03904, EQ-F03905, EQ-F03906, EQ-F03907, EQ-F03908, EQ-F03909, EQ-F03910, EQ-F03911

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