Rotary Evaporator Bump Trap, Anti-Splash, Modified


Designed for use between vapor tube and flask on rotary evaporator to reduce carry-over from foaming or bumping.
With drain holes to assure that excess vapors stored in the trap will be flowed back to flask
Products listed are in ASTM E 676-02 standards but ISO 383 standards are also available upon request

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EQ-B11201-2440 | EQ-B11202-2440 | EQ-B11203-2440 | EQ-B11204-2440 | EQ-B11205-2440 | EQ-B11206-2440

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EQ-B11201-2440, EQ-B11202-2440, EQ-B11203-2440, EQ-B11204-2440, EQ-B11205-2440, EQ-B11206-2440

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