Quartz Fibre thimble


Equistix Quartz Fibre thimble are made of quartz fibers 100%
High purity: Made with pure Quartz / Silica microfibers
Without binders or additives
Max. usage temperature: 900ºC
Low heavy metal content

Emission control in industrial smokestacks with isokinetic probes.
Gravimetic calculations in gases.
Analysis of hot and acidic gases.
Trace element analysis.
Air sampling. Monitoring of exhaust fumes.

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EQ-D02601 | EQ-D02602 | EQ-D02603 | EQ-D02604 | EQ-D02605 | EQ-D02606 | EQ-D02607 | EQ-D02608 | EQ-D02609 | EQ-D02610 | EQ-D02611 | EQ-D02612

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EQ-D02601, EQ-D02602, EQ-D02603, EQ-D02604, EQ-D02605, EQ-D02606, EQ-D02607, EQ-D02608, EQ-D02609, EQ-D02610, EQ-D02611, EQ-D02612

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