Quantitative Ashless Filter Paper


Equistix filter papers are used for quantitative analysis and designed for preparation of samples and gravimetric analysis.
They are made of refined pulp and linters with virtually 100% of alpha-cellulose content.
Ashless filter papers for quantitative analyses are suitable for Buchner funnels and for filtration under pressure.

High purity and consistent performance
Lowest ashless content: < 0.007%
Full range of diameter and customised sizes and types are available
Whatman equivalent quality but competitive price
Easy to use: pre-cut filter paper for use directly

Equistix EQ-40 high-purity quantitative filter papers are used for quantitative and gravimetric analyses as well as for pressure or vacuum filtration.

Particle Retention: 8.0μm
Product Appearance: Smooth
Filtration Speed: Medium
Ash Content(%): < 0.008
Thickness(mm): 210
Basis Weight(g/m2): 92
Wet Burst(psi): 0.5

High-purity filters contain 0.009% maximum ash content
Medium nominal particle retention rating of 8μm
Particularly useful for gravimetric analysis

Cement, clay, iron and steel products
Conventional soil analysis separates the solids from the aqueous phase
Proportion Analysis of Milk Sediment
Clarification of solution before atom spectroscopy
Collect trace elements and radionuclides from the atmosphere


EQ-D00101 | EQ-D00102 | EQ-D00103 | EQ-D00104 | EQ-D00105 | EQ-D00106

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EQ-D00101, EQ-D00102, EQ-D00103, EQ-D00104, EQ-D00105, EQ-D00106

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