PVDF Syringe Filters


Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF) filter media is a broad purpose hydrophobic PVDF membranes filter media is a broad purpose hydrophobic membrane which can be used in wide HPLC applications.
It has high flow rates and is generally compatible with most common solvents. PVDF is a low protein binder. It has very similar application with hydrophobic PTFE, also used with aggressive solvents,
strong acids, alcohols, bases, and aromatics.
Available in sterile and non-sterile packaging

Color-coded design make easier for identification
Hydrophobic syringe filter with high flow rate
Wide chemical compatibility
Exceptional temperature stability provides extended sampling range over other membranes
Integral sealing ring provides greater strength to filter housing, leakage free and bursting free
Protect any analytical system, extend LC column lifetime

Filtration of aqueous and organic solutions
Sterilization of aggressive and non aggressive solvent-based mobile phases
Sterilizing and clarifying filtration of biological solutions
Protein sequencing


EQ-D01801 | EQ-D01802 | EQ-D01803 | EQ-D01804 | EQ-D01805 | EQ-D01806 | EQ-D01807 | EQ-D01808 | EQ-D01809 | EQ-D01810 | EQ-D01811 | EQ-D01812 | EQ-D01813 | EQ-D01814 | EQ-D01815 | EQ-D01816

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EQ-D01801, EQ-D01802, EQ-D01803, EQ-D01804, EQ-D01805, EQ-D01806, EQ-D01807, EQ-D01808, EQ-D01809, EQ-D01810, EQ-D01811, EQ-D01812, EQ-D01813, EQ-D01814, EQ-D01815, EQ-D01816

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