ProElut™ Glass SPE Tube


ProElut™ glass cartridges are designed for high-purity extraction as the inert glass body completely eliminates the pollution from plasticizers, such as phthalates. ProElut™ glass SPE tubes are standard size, with high quality sorbent and special purification frits, to assure stability and reproducibility.


68012G | 68005G | 63105G | 63106G | 65005G | 65006G | 63205G | 63206G | 63005G | 63006G | 63061G | 64363G

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68012G, 68005G, 63105G, 63106G, 65005G, 65006G, 63205G, 63206G, 63005G, 63006G, 63061G, 64363G

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