Polypropylene Syringe Filters


Polypropylene (PP) membraneSlightly hydrophobic membrane ideal for filtration of organic solvent. Can be ideal for use as a prefilter or as a final filter.
Do not use with strong organic solvents, especially aromatic and chlorinated solvents

Broad chemical compatibility
Hydrophobic membrane
Negligible protein binding

Filtration of aqueous and organic solvents
HPLC applications. Detection levels < 230 nm
Ion chromatography
Total digest for heavy metals


EQ-D02101 | EQ-D02102 | EQ-D02103 | EQ-D02104 | EQ-D02105 | EQ-D02106 | EQ-D02107 | EQ-D02108 | EQ-D02109 | EQ-D02110 | EQ-D02111 | EQ-D02112 | EQ-D02113 | EQ-D02114

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EQ-D02101, EQ-D02102, EQ-D02103, EQ-D02104, EQ-D02105, EQ-D02106, EQ-D02107, EQ-D02108, EQ-D02109, EQ-D02110, EQ-D02111, EQ-D02112, EQ-D02113, EQ-D02114

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