EQuistix PipetteTips are manufactured in state of art precision-moulded facility using high purity virgin medical grade usp Class VI polypropylene.
Micro Tips are DNAse, RNase, Pyrogen free and free from PCR Inhibitor.
Manufactured in ultra modern clean room facility for contamination free product.
Designed for use in a wide variety of pipetting applications and universally compatible with different types of pipettes.
The orifice is precisely centered for directional accuracy.
Prefect airtight grip on pipette by inner radial rings for accurate pipetting.
Clean and the hydrophobic surface ensures low retention, increased accuracy and reproducibility.
Bulk Micro Tips are offered in resealable zip lock bag keeping the product free of contamination and dust.
Micro Tips can be manually accumulated in emptyboxes.
Optical clarity and transparency for clear visualization in molecular biology work.
Our Extreme Point tips are designed with thinner orifice walls, creating a finer point with decreased surface area. It helps in improving
sample release which makes it suitable for the use in molecular biology and precise applications.
Can be autoclaved.

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EQ-C01301, EQ-C01302, EQ-C01303, EQ-C01304, EQ-C01305, EQ-C01306, EQ-C01307, EQ-C01308, EQ-C01309, EQ-C01310, EQ-C01311, EQ-C01312, EQ-C01313, EQ-C01314, EQ-C01315, EQ-C01316, EQ-C01317, EQ-C01318, EQ-C01319, EQ-C01320, EQ-C01321, EQ-C01322

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