PES Syringe Filters


Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane in a polypropylene housing
PES syringe filter with high through-puts when small filter devices are used to sterilize or clarify viscous proteinaceous solutions, this all because it’s low binding features. Ideal for tissue
culture work and dissolution testing procedures, be recommended for Ion chromatography
Available in sterile and non-sterile packaging

Hydrophilic PES syringe filter, low protein binding, fast flow rates
Color-coded design make easier for identification
Excellent flow rates and low binding coefficients
High throughput
Low-level IC interference by ICP analysis
Integral sealing ring provides greater strength to filter housing, leakage free and bursting free

Purification and sterilization of aqueous solutions and/or biological samples
Protein and enzyme filtration sterilization
Filtration of Alcohol Solutions, Filtration of Aqueous Solutions, Sterile Filtration
Cell Culture
IC sample preparation and analysis
Dissolution testing
Cell culture &Tissue culture media sterilization
Not Compatible with acids, ketones, esters, halogenated or aromatic hydrocarbons


EQ-D01701 | EQ-D01702 | EQ-D01703 | EQ-D01704 | EQ-D01705 | EQ-D01706 | EQ-D01707 | EQ-D01708 | EQ-D01709 | EQ-D01710 | EQ-D01711 | EQ-D01712 | EQ-D01713 | EQ-D01714 | EQ-D01715 | EQ-D01716

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EQ-D01701, EQ-D01702, EQ-D01703, EQ-D01704, EQ-D01705, EQ-D01706, EQ-D01707, EQ-D01708, EQ-D01709, EQ-D01710, EQ-D01711, EQ-D01712, EQ-D01713, EQ-D01714, EQ-D01715, EQ-D01716

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