PES Membrane Filter


PES filter membrane are strong, micro-porous and acid and base resistant. They are highly recommended for aqueous solutions biological applications and protein filtration.
They are specifically designed to remove particulates during general filtration and their low protein and drug binding which made them ideal for use in life science applications.

Made from high Temp polyethersulfone
Very low non-specific adsorption
Low drug and protein binding
Low extractables

• Protein and enzyme filtration and sterilization
• Sterilisation of biological fluids, serum and tissue culture media
• Biological and clinical analysis
• Filtration and sterilisation of pharmaceutical solutions


EQ-D01001 | EQ-D01002 | EQ-D01003 | EQ-D01004 | EQ-D01005 | | EQ-D01006 | EQ-D01007 | EQ-D01008 | EQ-D01009 | EQ-D01010 | EQ-D01011 | EQ-D01012 | EQ-D01013 | EQ-D01014

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EQ-D01001, EQ-D01002, EQ-D01003, EQ-D01004, EQ-D01005, EQ-D01006, EQ-D01007, EQ-D01008, EQ-D01009, EQ-D01010, EQ-D01011, EQ-D01012, EQ-D01013, EQ-D01014

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