NPT Adapters For Hard Wall Tubing


For 1/4” NPT and 1/2” NPT Ports
Compression fittings designed for liquid-tight connection of semi-rigid tubing to NPT ports, for tubing diameters 1/4” to 3/4” OD. Useful for pressurized applications under 100 psi. Make a selection based on your tubing outside diameter (OD). All fittings are comprised of 2-piece molded Polypropylene components and do not include a separate ferrule. Wrap NPT threads 3-4 times with PTFE tape and wrench tighten for leak-resistant connections. Part numbers ending “V” denote a pack of 5 fittings.


AC-150 | AC-151 | AC-152 | AC-153 | AC-154 | AC-155 | AC-113V | AC-114V | AC-115V | AC-116V | AC-204V | AC-205V | AC-206V | AC-207V

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AC-150, AC-151, AC-152, AC-153, AC-154, AC-155, AC-113V, AC-114V, AC-115V, AC-116V, AC-204V, AC-205V, AC-206V, AC-207V

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