Multi Channel Pipettor


Easy operation when performing serial pipetting of immunological assays , while making serial dilutions or when filling 96-well plates for cell cultures .
Manufacured with light weight material, pipetting is easy, convenient and safe.

The ergonomical design allows the finger to rest while taking the load off the hand. Griping tightly will not be required .
Only one hand is required to change the volume and fix the volume.

Features :

High chemical and UV resistance
Fully autoclavable
Rotating dispensing head for optimal pipetting Convenience .
Optimal design of the tip cone, made it compatible to standard pipette tips

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EQ-C01201 | EQ-C01202 | EQ-C01203 | EQ-C01204 | EQ-C01205 | EQ-C01206 | EQ-C01207 | EQ-C01208 | EQ-C01209 | EQ-C01210

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EQ-C01201, EQ-C01202, EQ-C01203, EQ-C01204, EQ-C01205, EQ-C01206, EQ-C01207, EQ-C01208, EQ-C01209, EQ-C01210

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