Mixed cellulose ester(MCE) Syringe filters


Mixed Cellulose Ester MCE syringe filter made from Hydrophilic MCE ( Mixed Cellulose Ester) membranes with a biologically inert mixture of Cellulose Acetate and Cellulose Nitrate membranes which
have higher protein binding than CA for most proteins. That is common said MCE=CA+CN. Provide high porosity to keep flow rate. It is ideally used with aqueous based solvent.
MCE membrane are composed of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate. It’s one of the most widely used membranes in analytical and research applications.


Hydrophilic syringe filter
Very low protein binding
Lower chemical resistance
Great water flux and better cutoff effect
Luer lock inlet Tip make sure secure connection and avoid filter blow off
Standard1um pre-filter ( Glass fiber or PP ) for optimal performance with particulate-laden analyses


Use for clarifying or sterilizing aqueous solutions
Gas particulate and bacteria filtration
Oil particulate and bacteria filtration
Alcohol particulate and bacteria filtration
Other solvent particulate and bacteria filtration with easy post filtration inspection
General purpose
Binds trace proteins.
Tissue culture additive filtration


EQ-D02001 | EQ-D02002 | EQ-D02003 | EQ-D02004 | EQ-D02005 | EQ-D02006 | EQ-D02007 | EQ-D02008 | EQ-D02009 | EQ-D02010 | EQ-D02011 | EQ-D02012 | EQ-D02013 | EQ-D02014

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EQ-D02001, EQ-D02002, EQ-D02003, EQ-D02004, EQ-D02005, EQ-D02006, EQ-D02007, EQ-D02008, EQ-D02009, EQ-D02010, EQ-D02011, EQ-D02012, EQ-D02013, EQ-D02014

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