Microcentrifuge Tubes


MicroCentrifuge tubes are pure 100% virgin polypropylene. No processing additives such as slip agents, biocides, or antistatic agents are used during production.
Your samples remain protected from potential bioactive contaminants.
RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogen free.
Thumb-friendly beveled lip.
Tubes can be used at -80 °C and with various organic solvents.
Optically clear.
Integral snap cap.
Frosting on the surface of the tubes makes writing easier.
Maximum RCF 20,000.
No bioactive agents used during manufacturing.
Packed in tamper evident resealable bags.

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EQ-C00101 | EQ-C00102 | EQ-C00103

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EQ-C00101, EQ-C00102, EQ-C00103

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