Micro Pipette


Single Channel Pipettor

EQuistix Variable Volume Micropipettes are product of intensive ergonomic and operational studies, along with the use of modern innovative materials,
they made perfect manual pipettes for demanding laboratory applications .

Features :
1) Large central pipetting button and separate ejection function
2) True one-handed operation for both right-and left-handers
3) Completely autoclavable at 121 deg Celcisus ( 20 min ) volume-change protection
4) 4-Position volume display , always clearly visible Easy Calibration technique- readjustment without Special tools
5) Changes from factory settings are clearly visible extemally .
6) Short stroke of only 12.5 mm to reduce the risk of RSI ( Repetitive Strain Injury )
7) Corrosion-resistant piston and ejector
8) CE-compliant

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EQ-C01101 | EQ-C01102 | EQ-C01103 | EQ-C01104 | EQ-C01105 | EQ-C01106 | EQ-C01107 | EQ-C01108 | EQ-C01109

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EQ-C01101, EQ-C01102, EQ-C01103, EQ-C01104, EQ-C01105, EQ-C01106, EQ-C01107, EQ-C01108, EQ-C01109

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