MCE Membrane Filter


Mix cellulose ester (MCE) membrane filters composed of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate. Due to it’s biologically
inert characteristics, it is widely used in analytical and research applications. MCE membrane filter has a smoother and more uniform
surface than pure nitrocellulose filter.

High porosity
High Protein binding can be blocked by pretreatment or utilised in application
Biologically inert with good thermal stability
High degree of internal surface area for greater adsorption of product

Microdialysis of DNA and proteins
Sterilising filtration bioassays
Clarification of aqueous solutions, particle removal and analysis, microbiology analysis

Notifiy: Pore size: 0.80um, 1.2um, 3.0um, 5.0um are available.


EQ-D00801 | EQ-D00802 | EQ-D00803 | EQ-D00804 | EQ-D00805 | EQ-D00806 | EQ-D00807 | EQ-D00808 | EQ-D00809 | EQ-D00810 | EQ-D00811 | EQ-D00812

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EQ-D00801, EQ-D00802, EQ-D00803, EQ-D00804, EQ-D00805, EQ-D00806, EQ-D00807, EQ-D00808, EQ-D00809, EQ-D00810, EQ-D00811, EQ-D00812

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