MCE Membrane Filter, White/Black, Gridded


Mixed Cellulose Ester (MCE) filter membrane is a biologically inert mixture of cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate which is with high porosity and high protein binding capacity. They are
widely used in biological and medical research. Sterile MCE gridded filter membranes are widely used for colony counting and related research.
With Clearly defined grid lines spaced at even intervals and ink used for the gridded lines is non-toxic and free from bacterial growth inhinitors.

White gridded filter membrane disk are used for the recovery and retention of E.coli bacteria in water/waste water analysis as well as other microbiological tests.

Black mixed cellulose esters (MCE) filter membrane can be used for automatic conlony counting applications. Gridded lines assist in manual counting procedures.
Black MCE membranes provide contrast between residue or cell colours and filter without having to counter stain the membrane

Sterile Hydrophilic filter membrane
Composed of cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate
High porosity and how protein binding
Gridded filter membrane is available for quantifying microbial growth
Autoclaved by Gamma/R

Colony Counting
Sterilizing filtration
Microbiological analysis
Yeast and Mould Count
HPLC sample preparation
Recovery and retention of bacteria in Water pollution analysis
Fluroscent bacteriological assays, particle monitoring bioassays


EQ-D00901 | EQ-D00902 | EQ-D00903 | EQ-D00904 | EQ-D00905 | EQ-D00906 | EQ-D00907 | EQ-D00908 | EQ-D00909 | EQ-D00910 | EQ-D00911 | EQ-D00912

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