Kromasil – Eternity (Phenyl Hexyl) 2


For regular silica-based stationary phases, exposure to extreme pH (especially basic) will have a negative impact on the chemical stability and therefore column lifetime. However, the silica organosilane surface of the Kromasil Eternity platform offers a chemical stability that will secure a long-lasting stationary phase, even under tough pH conditions and higher temperatures.

Bonded phase: Phenyl Hexyl (6-phenylhexyl)
USP: L11
Particle size (µm): 2.5µm, 5µm
Pore size (Å): 100
Surface Area: 330 m²/g
Carbon loading: 15%
pH range: 2-12

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XF1PXD05, XF1PXD10, XH2PXD05, XH2PXD10, X05PXD05, X05PXD15, XH2PXA05, XH2PXA10, X05PXA05, X05PXA10, X05PXA15, X05PXA25, X05PXP10, X05PXP15, X05PXP25, X05PXQ10, X05PXQ15, X05PXQ25

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