Kromasil Chiral -Cellucoat (RP)


High performance super wide pore spherical silica for analytical to process scale liquid chromatography. Kromasil Chiral is manufactured using adsorbed polysaccharide phases for high chiral selectivity

Bonded phase: tris-[3,5-dimethylphenyl] carbamoyl cellulose conditionized for reversed phase chromatography
USP: L40
Particle size (µm): 3µm , 5µm, 10µm,25µm
Pore size (Å): Prorietary data
Surface Area: Prorietary data
Packed Density: 0.58g/ml

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C03CRD05, C03CRD10, C03CRD15, C05CRD05, C05CRD10, C05CRD15, C05CRD25, C03CRA05, C03CRA10, C03CRA15, C05CRA05, C05CRA10, C05CRA15, C05CRA25, C10CRA05, C10CRA10, C10CRA15, C10CRA25, C25CRA05, C25CRA10, C25CRA15, C25CRA25, C05CRP05, C05CRP10, C05CRP15, C05CRP25, C10CRP05, C10CRP10, C10CRP15, C10CRP25, C25CRP05, C25CRP10, C25CRP15, C25CRP25, C05CRQ05, C05CRQ10, C05CRQ15, C05CRQ25, C10CRQ05, C10CRQ10, C10CRQ15, C10CRQ25, C25CRQ05, C25CRQ10, C25CRQ15, C25CRQ25

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