Inlet Or Thermometer Viton O-ring


With a compression cap and Viton ® O-ring to form a vacuum tight seal.
To use it as a syringe port, simply replace the O-ring with
PTFE -lined septum. Cap accommodates 5.0 – 7.5mm O.D. thermometer.
Supplied with one Nylon cap and one Viton O-ring.
Products listed are in ASTM E 676-02 standards but ISO 383 standards are also available upon request

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EQ-B05401-1420 | EQ-B05402-1922 | EQ-B05403-2440 | EQ-B05404-2942

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EQ-B05401-1420, EQ-B05402-1922, EQ-B05403-2440, EQ-B05404-2942

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