High Pressure Series


High Pressure Series flash columns are spin-welded and this allows application for higher pressure of up to 400 psi.
This series presents an outstanding resolution over conventional flash cartridges.

Solid, one-piece polypropylene body with thick walls for safety;
Freely choose irregular silica or spherical silica according to your personal preference;
Markedly improved resolution and high load ability;
Spherical silica provides improved performance without increasing the backpressure.

Bonded phases such as C4, C8 C18, CN, NH2, Diol, SCX and SAX are also available. Please kindly contact us.

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EQ-E00301 | EQ-E00302 | EQ-E00303 | EQ-E00304 | EQ-E00305 | EQ-E00306 | EQ-E00307 | EQ-E00308 | EQ-E00401 | EQ-E00402 | EQ-E00403 | EQ-E00404 | EQ-E00405 | EQ-E00406 | EQ-E00407 | EQ-E00408

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EQ-E00301, EQ-E00302, EQ-E00303, EQ-E00304, EQ-E00305, EQ-E00306, EQ-E00307, EQ-E00308, EQ-E00401, EQ-E00402, EQ-E00403, EQ-E00404, EQ-E00405, EQ-E00406, EQ-E00407, EQ-E00408

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