Graduated Pipettes Type 3 (Serological)


Serological pipette is a graduated pipette in which the calibration marks extend all the way to the tip. Class AS Standard. Manufactured as per DIN ISO 835 Standard or in compliance to United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standard

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EQ-A00801 | EQ-A00802 | EQ-A00803 | EQ-A00804 | EQ-A00805 | EQ-A00806 | EQ-A00807 | EQ-A00901 | EQ-A00902 | EQ-A00903 | EQ-A00904 | EQ-A00905 | EQ-A00906 | EQ-A00907

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EQ-A00801, EQ-A00802, EQ-A00803, EQ-A00804, EQ-A00805, EQ-A00806, EQ-A00807, EQ-A00901, EQ-A00902, EQ-A00903, EQ-A00904, EQ-A00905, EQ-A00906, EQ-A00907

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