Glass Fibre Thimble


Equistix Glass Fibre Thimble are made of borosilicate glass fibers 100%
Max usage temperature: 500ºC
Weight stability
Bilogically inert
High chemical compatibility

Controls of emission at high temperature.
Prefiltration of gases and analyzers.
Gravimetric analysis of dust in gases

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EQ-D02501 | EQ-D02502 | EQ-D02503 | EQ-D02504 | EQ-D02505 | EQ-D02506 | EQ-D02507 | EQ-D02508 | EQ-D02509 | EQ-D02510 | EQ-D02511 | EQ-D02512

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EQ-D02501, EQ-D02502, EQ-D02503, EQ-D02504, EQ-D02505, EQ-D02506, EQ-D02507, EQ-D02508, EQ-D02509, EQ-D02510, EQ-D02511, EQ-D02512

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