Flask, 2 Neck, Round Bottom


Heavy duty with a standard taper outer joint on both center neck and angled side neck.
Products listed are in ASTM E 676-02 standards but ISO 383 standards are also available upon request.

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EQ-B11901-2440 | EQ-B11902-2440 | EQ-B11903-2942 | EQ-B11904-2440 | EQ-B11905-2440 | EQ-B11906-2942 | EQ-B11907-2440 | EQ-B11908-2440 | EQ-B11909-2440 | EQ-B11910-2440 | EQ-B11911-2942

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EQ-B11901-2440, EQ-B11902-2440, EQ-B11903-2942, EQ-B11904-2440, EQ-B11905-2440, EQ-B11906-2942, EQ-B11907-2440, EQ-B11908-2440, EQ-B11909-2440, EQ-B11910-2440, EQ-B11911-2942

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