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Prevents Both Liquid & Aerosol passing through the filter.
Best Suited for Biological application.
Filter are 100% pure porous PE makes Recovery of Samples from Wetted, Filtered without Contamination.
Non Cytotoxic (ISO 10993-5 MRM, Minimal Essential Media Elution, GLP Compliant).
99.9% Bacterial Aerosol Filtration Efficiency (BFE), (ASTM F21012).
Non Hemolytic (Modified ASTM F 756-08 Hemolysis Direct Contact GLP with Human Blood).
Inert, Hydrophobic Filter does not trap or block the liquid.
Can Be Autoclaved.

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EQ-C01323, EQ-C01324, EQ-C01325, EQ-C01326, EQ-C01327, EQ-C01328, EQ-C01329, EQ-C01330, EQ-C01331, EQ-C01332, EQ-C01333, EQ-C01334, EQ-C01335, EQ-C01336, EQ-C01337, EQ-C01338, EQ-C01339, EQ-C01340, EQ-C01341, EQ-C01342

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