Nylon Membrane


Equistix filter membrane is a thin polymer films composed of millions of microscopic pores that is recommended for retaining small particles and microorganisms on the surface of the
membrane by acting as a physical barrier. They are used to sterilize liquid reagents, remove particulate contamination and clarify solutions prior to further processing.

Nylon Membrane Filter
Nylon membrane filters are hydrophilic in nature and chemically resistant to most bases, making them suitable for clarification and sterilization of alkaline solutions.
Nylon membrane is also compatible with most aqueous samples and some organic solvents and is a good alternative for sterilization and clarification of the mobile phases used for HPLC.
Nylon membranes have high non-specific adsorption, which are very useful in blotting techniques, especially for the transfer and immobilization of nucleic acids.

1) Made entirely of polyamide
2) Hydrophilic
3) High non-specific adsorption
4) High mechanical stability
5) Low extractables

Sterilisation and clarification of aqueous and organic solvent solutions
HPLC sample preparation
Isolating Legionella

Notifiy: Pore size: 0.8um, 1.2um,3.0um, 5.0um are available.


EQ-D00301 | EQ-D00302 | EQ-D00303 | EQ-D00304 | EQ-D00305 | EQ-D00306 | EQ-D00307 | EQ-D00308 | EQ-D00309 | EQ-D00310

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EQ-D00301, EQ-D00302, EQ-D00303, EQ-D00304, EQ-D00305, EQ-D00306, EQ-D00307, EQ-D00308, EQ-D00309, EQ-D00310

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