Filter Funnel Buchner


With sealed-in glass disc of the listed porosit y. Not recommended for filtration where pressure
would exceed 15psi. XC-extra coarse, C-Coarse, M-Medium, F-Fine porosity.

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EQ-B15201 | EQ-B15202 | EQ-B15203 | EQ-B15204 | EQ-B15205 | EQ-B15206 | EQ-B15207 | EQ-B15208 | EQ-B15209 | EQ-B15210 | EQ-B15211 | EQ-B15212 | EQ-B15213 | EQ-B15214

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EQ-B15201, EQ-B15202, EQ-B15203, EQ-B15204, EQ-B15205, EQ-B15206, EQ-B15207, EQ-B15208, EQ-B15209, EQ-B15210, EQ-B15211, EQ-B15212, EQ-B15213, EQ-B15214

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