Petri Dish (Non treated)


High quality disposable Equistix Petri Dish are suitable for all bacteriological applications.
Robust dimensional accuracy of 90 mm ensures compatibility with most automated systems.
Extremely high optical clarity for easy view on microscope.
Vented Dishes have elevated lid that allows for superior gas exchange and evaporation.
Non-Vented Dishes have flat lid that prevents evaporation encouraging long incubation period and anaerobic application.
Shallow dish design allow for maximum use of incubator space.
Easy to stack.
Petri Dishes retain their shape upto 55° C.
Aseptic Dishes are manufactured in clean room under controlled low bio-burden conditions for best performance in all applications.
Equistix Petri Dishes are also available in two & three compartment that enable parallel testing of single sample using different agar, solvents and reagents.

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EQ-C00701 | EQ-C00702 | EQ-C00703 | EQ-C00704 | EQ-C00705 | EQ-C00706

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EQ-C00701, EQ-C00702, EQ-C00703, EQ-C00704, EQ-C00705, EQ-C00706

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