Low Retention Filter Pipette Tips


Highly homogenous surfacefree of defects sites, preventing non-specific binding.
Proprietory polyethylene super filter provides aerosol and aqueous liquid by-pass prevention in overpipetting hereby preventing cross contamination.
Optimal surface for enhance dispensing behaviour & minimal sample lass of highly viscous liquids or sampls or samples containing detergents.

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EQ-C01419 | EQ-C01420 | EQ-C01421 | EQ-C01422 | EQ-C01423 | EQ-C01424 | EQ-C01425 | EQ-C01426 | EQ-C01427 | EQ-C01428 | EQ-C01429 | EQ-C01430 | EQ-C01431 | EQ-C01432 | EQ-C01433 | EQ-C01434 | EQ-C01435 | EQ-C01436 | EQ-C01437 | EQ-C01438

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EQ-C01419, EQ-C01420, EQ-C01421, EQ-C01422, EQ-C01423, EQ-C01424, EQ-C01425, EQ-C01426, EQ-C01427, EQ-C01428, EQ-C01429, EQ-C01430, EQ-C01431, EQ-C01432, EQ-C01433, EQ-C01434, EQ-C01435, EQ-C01436, EQ-C01437, EQ-C01438

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