Condenser, Dewar, 180 Deg


With a large opening at the top for use with dry ice/acetone or liquid nitrogen.
Condenser has a standard taper outer joint set at a 180o angle to the condenser body and a lower inner drip tip joint. All being the same Size.

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EQ-B07301-1420 | EQ-B07302-1420 | EQ-B07303-1922 | EQ-B07304-2440 | EQ-B07305-2440 | EQ-B07306-2440 | EQ-B07307-2440

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EQ-B07301-1420, EQ-B07302-1420, EQ-B07303-1922, EQ-B07304-2440, EQ-B07305-2440, EQ-B07306-2440, EQ-B07307-2440

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