Classic 100 Å (Silica)


High performance spherical silica for analytical to process scale liquid chromatography. Functionalized Kromasil 100 Å is manufactured using monofunctional silanes, and is fully end-capped (*). This gives high reproducibility and chemical stability.

Bonded phase: Silica
Particle size (µm): 3.5 µm, 5 µm, 7 µm, 10 µm, 13 µm, 16
Pore size (Å): 100
Packed Density: 0.50g/ml

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MH3SID05, MH3SID10, MH3SID15, MH3SID25, M05SID05, M05SID10, M05SID15, M05SID25, MH3SIA05, MH3SIA10, MH3SIA15, MH3SIA25, M05SIA05, M05SIA10, M05SIA15, M05SIA25, M07SIA05, M07SIA10, M07SIA15, M07SIA25, M10SIA05, M10SIA10, M10SIA15, M10SIA25, M13SIA05, M13SIA10, M13SIA15, M13SIA25, M16SIA05, M16SIA10, M16SIA15, M16SIA25, MH3SIP15, MH3SIP25, M05SIP05, M05SIP10, M05SIP15, M05SIP25, M07SIP05, M07SIP10, M07SIP15, M07SIP25, M10SIP05, M10SIP10, M10SIP15, M10SIP25, M13SIP05, M13SIP10, M13SIP15, M13SIP25, M16SIP05, M16SIP10, M16SIP15, M16SIP25, M05SIQ05, M05SIQ10, M05SIQ15, M05SIQ25, M07SIQ05, M07SIQ10, M07SIQ15, M07SIQ25, M10SIQ05, M10SIQ10, M10SIQ15, M10SIQ25, M13SIQ05, M13SIQ10, M13SIQ15, M13SIQ25, M16SIQ05, M16SIQ10, M16SIQ15, M16SIQ25

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