Chromatography Column, PTFE Stopcock, Spherical Joint


Spherical joint used with pinch clamp makes quick and tight connection under pressure for
flash chromatography. All Equistix brand columns are heavy wall

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EQ-B06001-3520 | EQ-B06002-3520 | EQ-B06003-3520 | EQ-B06004-3520 | EQ-B06005-3520 | EQ-B06006-3520 | EQ-B06007-3520 | EQ-B06008-3520 | EQ-B06009-3520 | EQ-B06010-3520 | EQ-B06011-3520 | EQ-B06012-3520 | EQ-B06013-3520 | EQ-B06014-3520 | EQ-B06015-3520 | EQ-B06016-3520

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EQ-B06001-3520, EQ-B06002-3520, EQ-B06003-3520, EQ-B06004-3520, EQ-B06005-3520, EQ-B06006-3520, EQ-B06007-3520, EQ-B06008-3520, EQ-B06009-3520, EQ-B06010-3520, EQ-B06011-3520, EQ-B06012-3520, EQ-B06013-3520, EQ-B06014-3520, EQ-B06015-3520, EQ-B06016-3520

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