Chromatography Column, PTFE Stopcock, Spherical Joint w/COARSE Fritted Disc


With a coarse porosity fritted disc to support packing material. All Equistix brand columns are heavy wall.

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EQ-B06101-3520 | EQ-B06102-3520 | EQ-B06103-3520 | EQ-B06104-3520 | EQ-B06105-3520 | EQ-B06106-3520 | EQ-B06107-3520 | EQ-B06108-3520 | EQ-B06109-3520 | EQ-B06110-3520 | EQ-B06111-3520 | EQ-B06112-3520 | EQ-B06113-3520 | EQ-B06114-3520 | EQ-B06115-3520 | EQ-B06116-3520

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EQ-B06101-3520, EQ-B06102-3520, EQ-B06103-3520, EQ-B06104-3520, EQ-B06105-3520, EQ-B06106-3520, EQ-B06107-3520, EQ-B06108-3520, EQ-B06109-3520, EQ-B06110-3520, EQ-B06111-3520, EQ-B06112-3520, EQ-B06113-3520, EQ-B06114-3520, EQ-B06115-3520, EQ-B06116-3520

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