Chemical Emissions Filters & Indicators



Emission Reduction
Use Vaplock exhaust filters to mitigate health hazards and reduce harmful chemical emissions and odors from laboratory solvent containers. Developed and tested specifically for HPLC organic solvents, they may be used in conjunction with Vaplock breakthrough color indicators to determine longevity and establish a replacement schedule.

Adaptable Design
Available in 75g and 300g cartridge sizes, Vaplock filters include activated media for organic solvents and are constructed of an HDPE housing with 1/4” NPT female receiving port. Attach to various point emission sources with Vaplock Filter Adapters.
** Please inquire for other sizes and formats.


EF-100 | EF-100V | EF-100-102 | EF-200 | EF-102 | EF-102V

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EF-100, EF-100V, EF-100-102, EF-200, EF-102, EF-102V

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