Cellulose Extraction Thimble


Equistix Cellulose Extraction Thimble are manufactured with high purity cellulose fibers.
Available in a variety of dimensions to fit most Soxhlet extraction units.

Determination by extraction of the content of free lipids in food
Sulfur extraction in gaseous masses
Dust dimensions in air or industrial gases
Soxhlet extraction for determination of fats, lipids, additives or pesticides in the food industry
Soxhlet extraction for determination of resin components in tar
Soxhlet extraction of oil and softeners
Extraction of oil and lubricants in slurry and waste water
Extraction of mineral oils in rocks
Extraction of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) in soil and slurry, e.g. dioxin
Extraction of monomeric components in plastic materials and rubber

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EQ-D02401 | EQ-D02402 | EQ-D02403 | EQ-D02404 | EQ-D02405 | EQ-D02406 | EQ-D02407 | EQ-D02408 | EQ-D02409 | EQ-D02410 | EQ-D02411 | EQ-D02412 | EQ-D02413 | EQ-D02414 | EQ-D02415 | EQ-D02416 | EQ-D02417 | EQ-D02418 | EQ-D02419 | EQ-D02420 | EQ-D02421 | EQ-D02422 | EQ-D02423 | EQ-D02424 | EQ-D02425 | EQ-D02426 | EQ-D02427 | EQ-D02428 | EQ-D02429 | EQ-D02430 | EQ-D02431 | EQ-D02432 | EQ-D02433 | EQ-D02434 | EQ-D02435 | EQ-D02436 | EQ-D02437 | EQ-D02438 | EQ-D02439 | EQ-D02440 | EQ-D02441 | EQ-D02442 | EQ-D02443 | EQ-D02444 | EQ-D02445 | EQ-D02446 | EQ-D02447

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EQ-D02401, EQ-D02402, EQ-D02403, EQ-D02404, EQ-D02405, EQ-D02406, EQ-D02407, EQ-D02408, EQ-D02409, EQ-D02410, EQ-D02411, EQ-D02412, EQ-D02413, EQ-D02414, EQ-D02415, EQ-D02416, EQ-D02417, EQ-D02418, EQ-D02419, EQ-D02420, EQ-D02421, EQ-D02422, EQ-D02423, EQ-D02424, EQ-D02425, EQ-D02426, EQ-D02427, EQ-D02428, EQ-D02429, EQ-D02430, EQ-D02431, EQ-D02432, EQ-D02433, EQ-D02434, EQ-D02435, EQ-D02436, EQ-D02437, EQ-D02438, EQ-D02439, EQ-D02440, EQ-D02441, EQ-D02442, EQ-D02443, EQ-D02444, EQ-D02445, EQ-D02446, EQ-D02447

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