CA Membrane Filter


Cellulose Acetate (CA) membranes are recommended for the fitration of aqueous samples, biological applications and protein.

Hydrophilic membrane
Compatible to aqueous solutions with pH 4-8, most alcohols, hydrocarbons and oils
Low extractables: ensures tests will be clean with consistent results
Exceptional dimensional strength and low binding characteristics
High flow rate

Aqueous solutions filtration
Protein and enzyme filtration
Biological and clinical analysis
Tissue culture media sterilization


EQ-D00601 | EQ-D00602 | EQ-D00603 | EQ-D00604 | EQ-D00605 | EQ-D00606 | EQ-D00607 | EQ-D00608 | EQ-D00609 | EQ-D00610 | EQ-D00611 | EQ-D00612 | EQ-D00613 | EQ-D00614 | EQ-D00615

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EQ-D00601, EQ-D00602, EQ-D00603, EQ-D00604, EQ-D00605, EQ-D00606, EQ-D00607, EQ-D00608, EQ-D00609, EQ-D00610, EQ-D00611, EQ-D00612, EQ-D00613, EQ-D00614, EQ-D00615

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