With glass inner joint and outer joint. For space saving purpose.
Bushing adapters allow for compact assemblies of dissimilar joints
Products listed are in ASTM E 676-02 standards but ISO 383 standards are also available upon request

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EQ-B00301-1420 | EQ-B00302-1420 | EQ-B00303-1018 | EQ-B00304-1938 | EQ-B00305-1030 | EQ-B00306-1030 | EQ-B00307-1030 | EQ-B00308-1030 | EQ-B00309-1435 | EQ-B00310-1435 | EQ-B00311-2440 | EQ-B00312-2440

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EQ-B00301-1420, EQ-B00302-1420, EQ-B00303-1018, EQ-B00304-1938, EQ-B00305-1030, EQ-B00306-1030, EQ-B00307-1030, EQ-B00308-1030, EQ-B00309-1435, EQ-B00310-1435, EQ-B00311-2440, EQ-B00312-2440

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