70mm Manifolds (8TPI RIEKE/HEDWIN)


Vapor Tight Connection
Vaplock 70mm Manifolds RIEKE HEDWIN for HPLC Secondary Containment Lab Bottles.

Chemical Resistance
Materials of construction include your choice of Polypropylene or PTFE manifold and insert with Polypropylene spin collar.

Versatile Configuration
Manifolds can be configured for barbed connections, compression fittings, 1/4-28 fitting and ferrule sets. All manifolds are designed to accommodate our EF-100 Filter and indicator.

**Polypropylene manifolds include an EPDM gasket. PTFE manifolds include an expanded PTFE gasket**


WM70P-4 | WM70X-4 | WM70P-10 | WM70X-10

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WM70P-4, WM70X-4, WM70P-10, WM70X-10

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