38mm Wako Safety Caps


Closed System Design
Reduce chemical evaporation and exposure to hazardous vapors with Vaplock solvent reservoir caps. Combine with secure fluid connections and Vaplock air inlet or relief valves to maintain pressure equilibrium within the bottle.

1/4-28 Port Threads
Designed to accept industry-standard 1/4-28 threaded fittings. For use with semi-rigid tubing equal to or less than 1/8” (3.2mm) outside diameter. Ports are angled 10° for more accessible tubing connections.

Anti-Twist Design
To prevent twisting of tubing when the cap is removed or attached, the inner body rotates independently of the outer collar.

Chemically Compatible
Constructed of inert PTFE, the body of the cap provides ideal chemical compatibility with laboratory solvents. Under normal use, the outer Polypropylene collar is non-wetted. Caps may be autoclaved to 140°C. Please inquire for other material options and custom designs.



S38WX-2H | S38WX-3H | S38WX-4H | S38WX-2D | S38WX-3D | S38WX-4D | S38WXFV-2D | S38WXEV-2D | S38WXVV-2D | S38WXFV-4D | S38WXEV-4D | S38WXVV-4D

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S38WX-2H, S38WX-3H, S38WX-4H, S38WX-2D, S38WX-3D, S38WX-4D, S38WXFV-2D, S38WXEV-2D, S38WXVV-2D, S38WXFV-4D, S38WXEV-4D, S38WXVV-4D

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