139SP Series Micro-pump


For precise dispensing between 20 and 60μl and flow rates up to 7.2 ml/min in a manifold mountable design
• Self-priming
• 20-60μl discrete dispense volumes
• Up to 7.2 ml/min maximum ow rate
• Manifold mountable

This sibling to the 130SP Micro-Pump duplicates the performance characteristics but is supplied ready for mounting in your manifold. Please contact us if you would like us to supply the manifold (see page 13).

Materials available for the wetted parts are:
• Body materials: PTFE, POM, PEEKTM
• Diaphragm materials: PTFE, EPDM
• Check valve materials: EPDM, FKM, FFKM

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139SP1220-1TP | 139SP1220-5TP | 139SP1220-5TV | 139SP1220-5TE | 139SP1220-6TV | 139SP1220-6EE | 139SP1230-1TP | 139SP1230-5TP | 139SP1230-5TV | 139SP1230-5TE | 139SP1230-6TV | 139SP1230-6EE | 139SP1240-1TP | 139SP1240-5TP | 139SP1240-5TV | 139SP1240-5TE | 139SP1240-6TV | 139SP1240-6EE | 139SP1250-1TP | 139SP1250-5TP | 139SP1250-5TV | 139SP1250-5TE | 139SP1250-6TV | 139SP1250-6EE | 139SP1260-6EE

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139SP1220-1TP, 139SP1220-5TP, 139SP1220-5TV, 139SP1220-5TE, 139SP1220-6TV, 139SP1220-6EE, 139SP1230-1TP, 139SP1230-5TP, 139SP1230-5TV, 139SP1230-5TE, 139SP1230-6TV, 139SP1230-6EE, 139SP1240-1TP, 139SP1240-5TP, 139SP1240-5TV, 139SP1240-5TE, 139SP1240-6TV, 139SP1240-6EE, 139SP1250-1TP, 139SP1250-5TP, 139SP1250-5TV, 139SP1250-5TE, 139SP1250-6TV, 139SP1250-6EE, 139SP1260-6EE

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