075P Series Pinch Valves


For use with soft-walled tubing with inner diameters from 0.010”/0.3mm to 1/16”/1.6mm

• Continuous duty solenoid operated valve. Can remain fully energized for inde nite time period
• Precise stroke and closing force setting to protect tubing and extend valve life
• Chemically resistant PPS plunger and ASA/PC body materials
• 24” (610mm) lead wires
• Low power consumption (3.6 Watts or less) and minimal heat generation

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075P2NC12-10S | 075P2NC12-23S | 075P2NC12-01S | 075P2NC12-50S | 075P2NC12-02S | 075P2NC12-23B | 075P2NC12-01B | 075P2NC12-02B | 075P2NO12-10S | 075P2NO12-23S | 075P2NO12-01S | 075P2NO12-50S | 075P2NO12-02S | 075P3MP12-23S | 075P3MP12-01S | 075P3MP12-50S | 075P3MP12-02S | 075P3MP12-23B | 075P3MP12-01B | 075P3MP12-02B

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075P2NC12-10S, 075P2NC12-23S, 075P2NC12-01S, 075P2NC12-50S, 075P2NC12-02S, 075P2NC12-23B, 075P2NC12-01B, 075P2NC12-02B, 075P2NO12-10S, 075P2NO12-23S, 075P2NO12-01S, 075P2NO12-50S, 075P2NO12-02S, 075P3MP12-23S, 075P3MP12-01S, 075P3MP12-50S, 075P3MP12-02S, 075P3MP12-23B, 075P3MP12-01B, 075P3MP12-02B

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