In the category of Chromatography, Chemikalie specialises in a wide range of consumables used in the area of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC) and Flash Chromatography.

All products represented by Chemikalie are highly recognised and proven superior in their area of expertise. These products are extremely popular in the universities, research institutes as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

  1. 100% leaked free, high resolution and reproducibility Flash Chromatography Columns able to fit to all Flash Chromatography system.
  2. Complete range of Gas chromatography GC columns for standard and specialised applications. Professional support and customisation of products dedicated for your research is possible.
  3. Lasts longer High pressure liquid chromatography HPLC columns with high surface area, excellent mechanical strength and chemical stability. Unmatched separation for a wide variety of substances from small molecules from small molecules to peptides and proteins. High resolution, excellent selectivity and stable performance.
  4. Meeting your Filtration needs with
    a. Qualitative and Quantitative Filter paper
    b. Filter membranes
    c. Syringe Filters
    d. Thimbles , Cellulose and Quartz
    e. Vacuum Filtration Units
  5. Finest quality precision Dispensing Syringes for manual, GC, HPLC and Auto sampler syringes.
  6. Meeting your Safety requirement in Waste Management System, ensuring proper delivery and waste containment of industrial chemicals and solvents.
  7. Sample preparation technique using Solid Phase Extraction SPE cartridge for the removal of interfering matrix components, selective concentration and isolation of analytes.